Things to Keep in Mind

Thinking about a future career with the FBI? Here are some tips to keep in mind as students continue their education.

Say No to Drugs

As the best of the best, the FBI has a very strict drug policy. At the time of their application, an applicant cannot have used any illegal drugs within the last 10 years or have used marijuana with the last three years. This last part still applies even if marijuana is legal in your home state.

What to Major In

Criminal Justice isn’t the only educational background found at the FBI. We welcome a wide range of educational backgrounds and encourage diverse skill sets among FBI employees. The best candidates are those that major in, and are the best at, any skill they love.

However, we do have specific needs from time to time. Right now, we are looking for students studying foreign languages, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), finance, and accounting.

Explore this website to learn more about the different careers available at the FBI and follow us on Twitter (@FBIJobs), Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn about what’s happening at the FBI right now.

Moving Forward

Once in college, students can apply for the FBI Honors Internship Program as early as their freshmen year. Until then, we suggest students stay involved with their community and keep checking back for ways to stay in touch with the FBI.

The FBI Teen Academy

Each FBI field office is actively engaged with the community it helps to serve and protect. One of many programs offered by select field offices is the Teen or Youth Leadership Academy. This program invites top junior and senior high school students to their local field office and gives them a peek into the inner workings of the FBI. Students gain a better understanding of the FBI and what it takes to keep America safe, highlighting the myriad positions and career paths that work together to uphold our Constitution.

The Teen or Youth Leadership Academy is only available in select field offices. To find out if your local field office hosts this program, please contact them.